"The Storrowton Tavern"
TarTan Gordon Setter Club, Inc.
2008 Annual Banquet

General Membership Meeting
and Awards Presentation
As our new car magnets state: “TarTan Rocks!”, on Saturday, February 16th, our members gathered for our Annual Banquet at Storrowton Tavern in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Attendance was excellent, as more than 40 Gordon devotees reunited to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate our dogs.

This year the program’s keynote speaker was Diane Dargay, from New Jersey, who presented a talk and film on “Flyball.” The enthusiasm of Diane and her dogs for the sport was clear and contagious, as we all imagined ourselves competing. Perhaps the future will hold more Flyball Gordons. The Dargays were so taken with the warmth and hospitality of our club, they submitted an application for Supporting Membership on the spot. We look forward to seeing them at future TarTan events.

The events of the evening included the presentation of Annual Awards; an opportunity to honor the work of our dogs and their owners. This year’s Awards Chair, Coleen Banks, presented lovely rosettes and certificates to a record number of dogs. The complete list appears below. The breadth of awards is a testament to the versatility of our breed and the diligence of our owners.

In addition to our dogs’ accomplishments, two presentations were made to members who have made significant contributions to our club and to our breed. Karol Paduch, a longtime member, was honored for her work as Coordinator of Supported Entries and a contributor to the production of the “TarTan Tidings.” Candice and Jerold Bell were also honored. They have both been instrumental in raising awareness of health issues in our breed, and influencing the attitude of many owners toward genetic testing and the gathering of DNA for research. The honorees were presented with lovely gift baskets prepared by Cindy Fitzgerald.

And what would our banquet be without the efforts of Cindy to stage an astonishing raffle? The generosity of our membership is remarkable, as donated items overflowed table after table and ticket sales (promoted by salesman Nat Bedford) hit the roof. The raffle earned almost $300 for the treasury, bringing a smile to the lips of Nancy Smith! The raffle could not have taken place without the help of members Candice Bell, Debby Freidus, Liz Wilshere, Lynn Tenny and honorary member Gaye Dunlop. Thanks to all for your donations and help.

We look forward to another year of accomplishments for our beloved black and tans, and to the friendship and community of our membership. Thank you, to the Board, for authorizing the purchase of those magnets - so we may proclaim to the world that indeed, “TarTan Rocks!”
Respectfully submitted, Laura Bedford, Banquet Chair
2007 Award Winners
Dual Championships:
(two this year!)
Dual Ch. Gordon Hill Odyssey (Susan DeSilver)
Dual Ch. Indian Sky Gordon Hill Scout (Susan DeSilver)
Conformation: Ch. Tamarack Brynbar Calendar Girl, JH (Mike & Donnah Brnger and Ellen Shanahan)
Ch. Moonset Dela of Tri-Sett, JH, CD (Karen Gatchell)
Ch. Mountainview’s Greta Garbo (Shareen Brown)
Ch. Holly Hollow’s Ebony Fantasy, JH (Lawrence Clifford and Susan Linhares)
Ch. Valley View Spring Cait “E” Did (Sherrie Grober) Also Canadian Champion
Ch. Trilogy Dusting of Gold (Trudie and Matt Whitaker)
Ch. Arrowood’s Rainmaker (Ardys McElwee)
Ch. Gordon Hill Phoebe (Dwynwen DeSilver and Susan DeSilver)
Hunting Titles: Woodsmoke Stella by Starlight, JH (Liz Wilshere, Cindy Fitzgerald and Beth Beatty)
Ch. Braxfield Fire Power, JH (Candice and Jerold Bell)
Braxfield Back in Black, MH (Candice and Jerold Bell)
Ahoy’s Pride of the Glens, JH (Mr. & Mrs. James Alan MacWalter)
Ch. Halcyon Ultima Thule, JH, CD (Anita Lustenberger, Candice Bell and Laura Bedford)
SeaGem Woodsmoke Blues Diva, SH (Cindy Fitzgerald, Liz Wilshere and Beth Beatty)
Ch. Tamarack Sharp Dressed Man, JH (Ellen Shanahan and Mike & Donnah Brnger)
Portree’s Dream of Cloudpath, JH (Jean Lindsay deStreel and Anne Pickrell)
Agility: MACH Pinebirch Southern Promise, CD, RE, JH, MXP2, MJP2, NFP (Maureen McLatchy)
Pinebirch Just Jake, RA, JH, MX, AXJ, OF (Maureen McLatchy)
Rally: Pinebirch Just Jake, RA, JH, MX, AXJ, OF (Maureen McLatchy)
Obedience: Ch. Moonset Dela of Tri-Sett, JH, CD (Karen Gatchell)
Ch. Halcyon Ultima Thule, JH, CD (Anita Lustenberger, Candice Bell and Laura Bedford)
Photos submitted by TarTan member, Jim MacWalter