The 24th Annual Walk For Fidelco 2005
Saturday, May 21, 2005
Wickham Park, Manchester, CT

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Saturday, May 21, 2005, TarTan GSC participated in the 24th Annual Fidelco Walk. This is a 'walk' sponsored by the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation as a fundraiser. Fidelco is based in Bloomfield, CT and the 'walk' was in Manchester, CT - in the center of TarTan country. We decided, as part of a PR/PE movement, that the TarTan GSC would sponsor a team to participate in the 'walk'. Little did we know what a fun and worthwhile day our team would have.

Our 'Team' consisted of : Laura and Nat Bedford with Shane and Teal, Lynne Lavigne with her IWS, Sophie, Phyllis Lundy and Jemma, Liz Wilshere with honorary Gordon Profit the ES, and Cindy and Natalie Fitzgerald with Bess. Ellen Shanahan and Splash (in a Gordon suit) could not be with us due to unforeseen circumstances, but sent her donations and was with us in spirit. With TarTan GSC and Freshwater Veterinary Hospital starting the donations off, our team collected almost $2,000, in HUGE part to Lynne getting her company to send a $1,000 check !!!!

It was a gorgeous venue, the weather was superb, the walkers were well into the thousands (and almost everyone brought a canine companion). There were plenty of vendors and demonstrations, and games for the kids. And what a worthwhile cause; the dedication of the trainers and staff, the unselfishness of the foster families, and the loyalty of the owners, could only be overshadowed by the devotion of the guide dogs themselves.

It was a pleasure to be part of this afternoon, spending it with friends and fellow club-members, as well as other fun and friendly dog folk, in an atmosphere far away from competition and politics, where the really important things that our dogs give us is so very evident. I think that I am not alone when I say that we will all go back again next year ! Who's going to join us ?

Cindy Fitzgerald - TarTan GSC Secretary

Left to Right - Lynne Lavigne with Sophie the IWS, Phyllis Lundy and Jemma,
Natalie and Cindy Fitzgerald with Bess, Laura and Nat Bedford with Shane and Teal,
Liz Wilshere with "honorary Gordon" Profit the ES.
Special thanks to TarTan member Laura Bedford for providing these wonderful photos.