Annual Walk for Fidelco

Wickham Park, Manchester CT
Saturday, May 16, 2009


Once again the weather cooperated and 7 of us,with our dogs, gathered early on Saturday morning, May 16th, at Manchester Community College in Manchester ,CT for this year's Walk for Fidelco...After we signed in and handed over our donations we got our FidelcoT shirts and had a little time to relax before the start of the walk. Starbucks had a coffee tent set up with free coffee (no donuts this year!) and 2 of the local Hartford TV stations were on hand to film and interview some of the walkers in the crowd.

This year our group consisted of Ginette and Tami Desrosiers, Cynthia Haberin, Becky Webber, Charlotte Smith, Jeanne Atkins (Earl Smith's sister) and me, Phyllis Lundy and of course our dogs who were happy to be included in this wonderful event..(especially since there were free "goodies" for them too!)The walk route was a little longer this year, going in and out of wooded areas. ...a very relaxing and fun experience for all...

After the walk we had our TarTan team photo taken ..Hope more of you can join us next year for
this worthwhile and enjoyable event!

Submitted by Phyllis Lundy

Photos courtesy of TarTan Members