TarTan Supported Entry Results
Ladies’ Dog Club
Wrentham, MA
Saturday, June 2, 2007


Wow, What a difference a few months make.....

Last supported entry saw brave TarTan members shoveling their way through snow and sleet, while this supported entry saw not-so-brave TarTan members running for the shade of their tents and grabbing bottles of water to cool their thirst in the extremely warm temperatures.

I will have to admit that our black and tans probably fared the heat better than we humanoids....or at least they didn't complain as much!

So all in all, the entry was 'up', as was the heat index, but also the good sportsmanship and comaraderie.

Judge Dana Cline looked cool in spite of the heat and was pleasant to handlers and dogs alike. He seemd to enjoy his assignment and complemented us on the lovely entry and quality of dog. We should be proud of our breed and our club.

Cindy Fitzgerald - TarTan GSC Secretary

Judge - Mr Dana P Cline (IL)
12-18 Month Dogs (4)
  1. Arrowood’s Rainmaker
  2. Windcrest How U Doin’
  3. Gordon Hill Ready Or Not
  4. Ahoy’s Pride Of the Glens
Bred By Exhibitor Dogs (1, 1 ab)
Open Dogs (2)
  1. Wyttsend Surveyor
  2. Sassenach Roads Scholar
Winners Dog (4 points) - Arrowood’s Rainmaker
Reserve Winners Dog - Windcrest How U Doin’

9-12 Month Bitches (2)
  1. Sandpiper’s Nantucket Sound
  2. Moonstone Maggie Mochvisle
Bred by Exhibitor Bitches (1)
  1. Gordon Hill Phoebe
Open Bitches (6)
  1. Valley View Spring Cait “E” Did
  2. Moonset Dela O’Tri-Sett JH CD
  3. Woodsmoke Ten Cents A Dance
  4. Valley View’s Liberty Bell
Winners Bitch (4 points) – Valley View Spring Cait “E” Did (to finish)
Reserve Winners Bitch – Moonset Dela O’Tri-Sett JH CD

Best of Breed (2 dogs, 1 bitch-abs)
    Best of Breed and Sporting Group 2: Ch Brodruggan Black Knight

    Best of Winners: Arrowood’s Rainmaker

    Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed: Ch Kingpoint Woodsmoke Echo JH

Submitted by
Karol Paduch
Supported Entry Chair
Show Photos
Courtesy of Joyce MacWalter